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Best Dental Plan For Dentures in 2024

Save 20% on Your Dentures with a Hassle-free 1Dental Savings Plan

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Enhance your dental health savings with the 1Dental Savings Plan for dentures, offering a combination of substantial discounts and personalized support to ensure affordable dental care.

How It Works

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Purchase Preferred Plan

Discover unmatched dental savings with 1Dental's dual-plan approach. Enjoy consistent, substantial discounts for all dental needs, from your denture procedures to routine checkups.

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Gain Accesss to 1Dental's Dentist Network

Access top-quality dental care at reduced rates with our nationwide network of in-network dentists.

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Save Money on Dentures

With 1Dental, your dental procedure costs are determined by our fixed fee schedule, irrespective of your dentist's standard charges.

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Why Use 1Dental for Dentures?

What You Can Expect With A 1Dental Discount Dental Plan

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Plans take effect right away with no waiting period
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No claim forms, deductibles, and age restrictions
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There are no limits on maximums or exclusions for any procedures.
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Receive complimentary access to a vision discount plan as an additional benefit.
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Add family members, including parents, adult children, and others.
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Compatible with HSAs, FSAs and HRAs
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Dental Insurance vs. 1Dental Savings Plan

Explore the differences in dental benefits between dental insurance companies and dental discount plans.

Dental Insurance
$50 to $250 /month
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$99 /year
Long Waiting Periods
No waiting period
$1,500 Annual Maximums
No Annual Maximums
Expensive Monthly Deductibles
No Deductibles
Pre-authorization for Treatments Required
No Pre-Authorization for Treatments
Limited Provider Network
Large Provider Network Choice
Complicated Claim Process
No Claims Straight-forward Direct Discounts
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Dental Insurance Coverage for Dentures is Often Inadequate....

When it comes to securing the best dental care for dentures, the myriad of options can be overwhelming. From dental insurance plans to dental savings plans, understanding which option offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective coverage is crucial. In this comparison, we'll explore why dental savings plans often prove to be a better choice than traditional dental insurance, especially for those seeking denture coverage.

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Traditional Dental Insurance Plans

Dental insurance is a common route for many seeking dental coverage. Most dental insurance providers offer a range of plans, including PPO plans and D SNP plans, which cater to different dental needs. However, when it comes to denture coverage, many dental insurance plans fall short.

Limitations of Dental Insurance

  • Waiting Periods: Many dental insurance plans come with a waiting period before major services like denture work can be availed.
  • Annual Maximums: Dental plans often have annual limits on coverage, typically around $1,500 which can be quickly exhausted by major procedures.
  • Coverage Types: While comprehensive dental plans are available, not all insurance plans cover dentures or major dental work to a satisfactory extent.
  • Monthly Premiums: The cost of dental insurance can be high, with monthly premiums and deductibles adding up over time.

Dental Insurance Provider Options

The best dental insurance providers, Delta Dental, Cigna, and Humana, offer comprehensive dental coverage. These providers often have a large network of participating dentists and varying coverage types, including full coverage and plans specifically designed for major procedures like prosthetic dentistry. However, coverage for dentures can vary significantly among different dental insurance options and plans.
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1Dental Discount Dental Plans

A dental discount plan or savings plan is not health insurance. Instead, dental savings plans work by offering immediate savings on dental services at a discounted rate through a network of participating dentists. These affordable dental plans often require an annual fee, but unlike dental insurance, they don't have monthly premiums or waiting periods. The cost of dentures without insurance is more affordable with 1Dental and the Aetna Dental Access network! How much do dentures cost with a dental discount plan? Dentures can cost anywhere from $ 1,600 to $ 20,000, depending on various factors.

Advantages of Dental Savings Plans

  • No Waiting Periods: Access to savings on major dental work like dentures is immediate.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Many dental discount plans offer extensive coverage for denture costs and other major dental services.
  • No Annual Maximums: Unlike dental insurance, savings plans don't have annual limits on how much you can save.
  • Flexibility and Affordability: These plans are generally more affordable and flexible, making them an excellent option for those needing extensive dental work.
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Extensive Networks and Customer Satisfaction

Providers of dental savings plans, such as Aetna Dental Access® and Careington , often boast extensive networks of dentists and high levels of customer satisfaction. These plans allow for significant savings on denture work and other dental services like X-rays and preventive care. The absence of annual limits and immediate access to discounts make them a favorable option for many. Dentures cost without insurance can cost you up to $40,000! Invest in a dental discount plan today to save big!
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Real 1Dental Customer Stories

Discover the potential savings on these preventative and basic services.

I purchased the Careington dental plan and 2 days later went to a dental participant. I got a quote for having all my teeth extracted and a full set of dentures, and I saved over $2,000. That is quite a savings for the small investment with Carington Dental!

George P.


I was born at 2 1/2 pounds, a preemie, and had crooked teeth my whole life. I had some work done through the years, and the teeth that have been worked on started falling out because of my gum disease… I went online to look for dental insurance. I found Careington, which seems to be pretty good. It nearly cut half of the expenses out. The dentist started treating me, extracting my teeth. I now have a full set of dentures, a brand new smile.

Mary H.


I went to the dentist and found out (I pretty much already knew) that I had to have all 28 of my teeth extracted and have full dentures… It would cost me $5,932 to have it all done… The dental plan took $2,900 off the cost. That left me with $3,032. If I didn’t have 1Dental.com I would have never fixed the problems.

Michelle C.


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Other Procedures 1Dental Covers

Discover the potential savings on these preventative and basic services.
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Exams, Teeth Cleanings, & X-rays

Prioritizing your health pays off. Each dollar spent on preventive dental care can save up to $50 in future dental expenses. Additionally, maintaining oral health can lead to lower overall medical costs. Routine dental check-ups and cleanings cost between $75 and $200, but by being a part of a dental savings plan—an effective alternative to traditional dental insurance—members typically save about 60% on their dental expenses. Don't postpone vital dental care; consider joining a dental savings plan.

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Root Canals

These procedures are essential for alleviating pain, treating infections, preserving natural teeth, and protecting overall health. The price for a root canal ranges from $750 to over $1,000 per tooth. Dental insurance often has yearly caps between $1,000 and $1,500, but dental savings plans, offering substantial savings on a wide range of dental treatments without annual limits, can be a more advantageous option. Members usually report 60% savings on dental costs.

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Dental Bridges

Don't hesitate to enhance your smile. Dental insurance can help with the costs of bridges, but usually has a yearly spending cap of $1,000 to $1,500. This is challenging since the average cost for a fixed bridge replacing multiple teeth is about $2,500, possibly requiring additional procedures. Dental savings plans, providing discounts on almost all dental services without annual limits, can be activated quickly, usually within 1-3 business days. Members often save about 60% on their dental expenses.

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Dental Implants & Crowns

Save substantially on dental implants with certain dental savings plans. Implants, along with dental crowns, offer a natural feel and look, enhancing confidence, quality of life, and oral health. A single dental implant can cost between $1,500 and $4,000, a cost not typically covered by dental insurance. Dental savings plans can make these crucial treatments more accessible and affordable.

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Fillings & Sealants

Preventive care, including fillings and sealants, is key in avoiding costly restorative treatments for advanced dental diseases. Sealants, reducing cavity risks by 50%-80%, cost around $42 per tooth and need reapplication every 2-4 years. Fillings, lasting 10-15 years, can cost $150-$250. Joining a dental savings plan can significantly reduce these costs, with members reporting an average of 60% savings.

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Oral Surgery, Wisdom Teeth & Extractions

Necessary for severe decay, gum disease, impacted teeth, overcrowding, and more, the cost of dental extractions can exceed $1,000. Postponing such treatments can lead to further complications. A dental savings plan can be a solution, offering significant savings and making immediate care accessible.

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Deep Cleanings

Essential for treating oral infections, deep cleanings remove bacteria and debris under the gums. Delaying this procedure can lead to severe health issues, including tooth and jawbone loss and increased risks of systemic diseases. The cost of deep cleaning can exceed $1,400, but joining a dental savings plan can cut these expenses significantly, with members generally saving about 60%. Don't compromise your health; consider a dental savings plan for necessary care.

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Does Dental Insurance Cover Dentures?

Dental insurance coverage for dentures can vary widely depending on the specific policy and provider. Typically, dental insurance plans require the payment of a monthly premium and may provide coverage for a portion of dental services, subject to deductibles and up to specified coverage limits. Every dental insurance plan is different.

Here are some general limitations to consider:

To get a clear answer, it's best to check directly with your dental insurance provider or review your policy's details. If you're in the market for a new plan and dentures are a priority, it's advisable to specifically look for plans that include denture coverage.

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Best Dental Plan for Dentures

When choosing the best dental plan for dentures, it's essential to consider both dental insurance and dental savings plans. While insurance may offer more familiar coverage types and might be suitable for those with less immediate needs, dental savings plans stand out for their flexibility, lack of waiting periods, and immediate savings on major dental work, including dentures.

Those prioritizing immediate, comprehensive, and cost-effective coverage for dentures, a dental savings plan often proves to be the best bet, especially when compared to the limitations and costs associated with many dental insurance plans.

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1Dental FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Choosing a Dental Plan

How do I decide which dental plan is right for me?

First, confirm if your preferred dentist accepts the dental plan you are considering.Generally, we advise using the Care 500 plan for general dental services and the Dental Access plan for specialist treatments.

Care 500 offers savings of 20-60% at general dentists and 20% at specialists.

When might I need both the Care 500 and Dental Access plans?

An instance where both plans might be necessary is if your general dentist refers you to a specialist, such as an oral surgeon or endodontist, for procedures like extractions or root canals.

Is it possible to combine the discounts from both plans?

No, combining discounts from both plans is not allowed. If a dentist accepts both plans, they will assist in selecting the one that offers the most savings for your dental work.

What if my dental procedure isn't listed in the plans?

While we provide a list of common procedures, any official dental procedure receives a discount with either plan. This includes treatments like implants, veneers, bone grafts, ceramic crowns, and adult braces. If your dentist accepts both plans, inquire which one offers greater savings for your procedure.

How can I access the full list of Care 500 plan savings?

The Care 500 plan has an extensive list of procedures specific to your area, which you can download, print, and take to your dental visit. Any procedure not listed automatically receives a 20% discount.

How can I find out the exact savings with the Dental Access plan?

Savings with the Dental Access plan vary depending on the provider and location. While we can offer estimates, you should ask your participating dentist for precise pricing details.

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